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I supply you with 

Professionalism in our interview-based book writing initial process to help entrepreneurs, executives, and experts write and self-publish their books.

I love to write.

Submission of the draft

When you submit a primary draft along with the instructions needed to be catered to about the project, I attempt to meet your expectations and suggest room for improvement.

Reaching Authors all over the world.

Connection with Customer

Each consumer is vital to me, and each project is special. I have a special focus on contact with customers, and that is why I keep you in the loop during the book publishing process and offer what you want in this way.

Oversee Your Cover Design

I will design a cover based on your ideas, feedback, and final approval.

Create Your Interior Layout

I will construct a professional interior layout with the look and feel you desire.

I equip you with guidance, accountability, and support so you can focus on one thing—writing!

There are 4 main writing styles.

  1. Expository

  2. Descriptive Writing

  3. Narrative Writing

  4. Persuasive Writing



BELOW is an Expository Writing Style

Captured from my writing style and the Bible (Ezekiel - "Dry Bones)


I have embarked on assisting Christians especially those who have been INVOLVED IN OR WITNESSED a near-death episode, asking them to share it with others, and how they felt when they got back from what some call (the tunnel of peace and tranquility). WHY? It is because I as a writer and author had such an experience, and desired others to put that experience into words.

There is an incredible statement in the Bible in the New Testament which happens to be in Romans 8:11 stating that the same Spirit who raised Christ from the dead now lives in us. So as a pastor, and Bishop Overseer do I meet so many people who still question the dead areas in their lives especially when they are not doing anything to change them, and will remarkably say, that they guess their circumstances will change when Christ resurrects them. 

Well, my friends, I’m convinced that just about everyone has some aspect of their life in need of a resurrection. They are called,

  • Dead hopes and dreams.

  • Dead careers.

  • Dead marriages.

  • Dead relationships with parents, kids, or siblings.

  • Or perhaps physical ailments in need of a touch from the resurrected Christ.


Can you relate to this? Is there some area of your life that has become stagnant, dry, or even dead? If so, some powerful lessons to be learned from Ezekiel’s stunning vision of God resurrecting the “dry bones” of the nation of Israel (Ezekiel 37).

As the vision began, Ezekiel found himself “in the midst of a valley” (v. 1). Isn’t it interesting that some of our greatest revelations from God come when we’re in a valley of some kind? We all crave mountaintop experiences, of course, but more often our biggest breakthroughs occur when we’re down in some valley or pit.

In this valley, Ezekiel didn’t just see one dead object. The valley was “full of bones,” body parts that once had been alive, but now were dead. In the same way, when we find ourselves sitting in a hopeless place, it’s hard to see signs of life anywhere. Death seems to have a cascading effect, spreading almost like cancer. Perhaps it started with a job loss, but then it turned into marital disharmony, depression, or addiction.

Surrounded by death and dryness on every side, the prophet is asked a very important question: “Can these bones live?” (v. 3) When an area of your life has seemingly died, this is a question you will have to confront. Is there any hope? Is it still possible for resurrection to come?

The temptation, of course, is simply to say, “It’s over. Once something has died, there’s no hope it will ever return to life.” Despite being a man of faith, even Ezekiel had little confidence this story was going to have a happy ending. Instead of boldly proclaiming that the dry bones would surely live, all he can muster is the lame response, “O Lord God, You know” (v. 3).

At this point in the story, God gets Ezekiel involved in the recovery plan, instructing him to “prophesy to these bones” and tell them to “hear the word of the Lord” (v. 4). If you’re ever going to experience the resurrection of a dead area of your life, it’s unlikely God will allow you to remain a passive bystander. No, He will give you an assignment, something you can do to spark the turnaround.

Ezekiel is told to speak to the troublesome circumstances, commanding them to heed God’s Word. That’s a pretty good starting place for us as well. We need to start speaking words of life and hope to the dead things in our life, telling them to line up with the Word of God.

When Ezekiel obeyed the Lord and prophesied, “there was a noise, and suddenly a rattling” (v. 7). It can be a scary thing when our dead things begin to rattle, shake, and make noises! But this is often what happens when God begins to restore dead things to life. Rather than bring us fear, these should be signs of hope.

Next, “the bones came together, bone to bone” (v. 7). There’s power in agreement and relationship (Matthew 18:19-20). God plans to bring us together, but if the devil can keep us separated and isolated, our dryness and defeat will continue unabated.

Finally, the Spirit of God breathed on these dead bones, bringing them back to life. The Israelites had said, “Our bones are dry, our hope is lost” (v. 11), but the Lord brought them resurrection and pointed them to a hope-filled future.

Notice that this is not a self-help story. Dead bones don’t come back to life by trying harder. Something supernatural needs to happen to bring dead things back to life.

This great story is about resurrection and hope, but it’s also about purpose. Write our defeats as well as successes in a book. Ezekiel did under the direction of God the Creator of this world. 

Although the bones had been lifeless and nonfunctional for a long time before, they “stood upon their feet, an exceedingly great army” (v. 10). You see, it’s not just about God resurrecting your hopes and dreams so you can have a happier life. It’s about rising up to fulfill your purpose in His mighty army.

Can you hear the Spirit beginning to breathe on you today? It’s not too late for a resurrection! WRITE Your Story!

Writing is my passion

(Into My WORLD) 
W -willingly
O- offering
R- real
L - life
D - development

Are you THINKING about becoming an author?

Do you want to let your family and friends know about your successes and failures in life?

Do you need to give advise about your experiences and put them in a book for them to share?


After authoring and self-publishing more than 80 books and also assisting many in writing their books about life experiences, ministry, or just for fun, I can assist you in getting started on your project from start to finish. I do everything except marketing.

I give hands-on directions, working with you and assisting you in developing your ideas that can make your book rather educational, sermon preparation, deliverance, knowledge-based, etc., you name it, I with the help of the Holy Spirit will bring your book into print. All pricing is discussed individually, depending on your needs.



(919) 304-0725 AND ASK FOR 



Using the (CORRECT) words can bring your story and BOOK to LIFE!


Take a moment, close your eyes, and recall a story that truly engaged you as a reader — one whose world and characters became completely real for you. Got one?

Now, take off your reader hat and think about putting on your analytical writer hat to think about what makes that story so captivating. What writing techniques did you view when you were the reader of someone else's material? The author used a technique to bring the story to life.


Was it the wrenching appeal to your emotions, the vivid and brutal action scenes, or the high stakes facing a character?


Mastering these and other storytelling methods is the key to writing your engaging tale.


Just as a lion is the product of all the zebras it has eaten, a writer is the product of all the books he or she has read. Reading the works of skilled writers is a fabulous way to hone your craft and learn how to effectively employ the writing tactics that help you create your own captivating story. Discover what "technique" works for YOU!

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